From 0 to 1: Hive for Processing Big Data

This course is unique in a way that it is taught by a versatile group of highly successful instructors.


This course is unique in a way that it is taught by a versatile group of highly successful instructors.

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  • Modality: On Demand
  • Learning Style: Course
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Duration: 15 Hours
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Course Information

About this Course:

This course is unique in a way that it is taught by a versatile group of highly successful instructors. Two of the instructors are Stanford graduates, two are ex employees of Flipkart and  one is an ex employee of Google where they served as lead analysts. Between these instructors, they have a combined experience of many years of data handling.

 Hive can be considered as a modern take on the traditional SQL. This tutorial has been designed to cover in detail the whole procedure which is required to use HIVE to process Big Data.

Hive shares a lot of similarities with SQL including operations and other techniques. This will make it easier for participants to understand the two together. Hive is known for bringing together the power of Distributed Computing and Analytical processing using Hadoop in a unified space.

This course can also be considered as a handy , brief yet essential guide for Hive. This course can be used to help  data analysts and engineers alike. It can be used to tailor functionalities and features to optimize performances as per their individual needs.

Each course is accompanied by tons of examples to facilitate learning

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, the students should be have learnt the following skills and be able to;

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Joins, View, Explode, Table Generating Functions, Sub-queries, Windowing, Lateral View, and other fundamentals which should help data analysts greatly.
  • Learn the skills needed to work with Bucketing, Map Side Joins, User-defined functions using Java, UDF and UDAF (GenericUDF and GenericUDFT), Partitioning, Map-Reduce including Select, Join,Group and other features which have designed to facilitate Hive Engineers
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding and build stronger concepts of SQL. This will be ideal for those who are new to SQL


This course is targeted towards the following audience;

  • Those data analysts whose job involves handling complex analytical queries on large data sets
  • Those engineers who wish to understand how to use Hive as a data warehouse solution


These are the prerequisites which are an absolute requirement for attending this course.

  • fundamental concepts of SQL are recommended . However, since  tis course is accompanied by a SQL basics course at the end of the course, those who are not familiar with SQL can use this as a guide .
  • A simple working knowledge of Java but this should not be considered as an absolute prerequisite

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