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  1. Hadoop Cheat Sheet: 2020 Edition

    Hadoop Cheat Sheet: 2020 Edition

    Categories: Data Science , Cheat Sheet
    In recent years, especially in the last decade or so, the IT sector has gone through a lot of significant changes. In particular, we have also seen a massive amount of growth in data and its management.
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    Python Interview Question and Answers

    Categories: Data Science , Python
    Currently, Python Developer has gotten a looked for after occupation in the business. We run over numerous Python developers' CVs each day. There has been an expansion demand of python developers at each level in the IT business. Python programming language is significantly more favored coding language than C++ and Java. This is because a Python code is not just shorter and more decipherable than its well-known competitors but on the other hand, is flexible.
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  3. What are the top 5 tools used by business analysts?

    What Are the Top 5 Tools Used by Business Analysts?

    Categories: Data analysis and visualization
    Every business analyst must have access to different business-related tools in order to make their business a huge success. There are various reasons pertaining to which a business analyst might need to use those tools such as the need for collaboration, project management, creation of different projects, or simple analysis of the work statistics.
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  4. What is BigQuery Omni, how it helps

    What is BigQuery Omni and How Does It Help

    With too many cloud systems taking over the world, it might get a little tricky getting to adopt a particular one and then running your business systems with it. But google cloud platform has made it simpler than ever by introducing their BigQuery Omni which is a flexible and multi-cloud analytics solution that allows you to fiddle through any type of data that you might have stored on your cloud systems. You can access the data cost-effectively and analyze it through google cloud, AWS, and Azure too without having to leave the tools you feel comfortable going at it with.
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  5. How Is Data Science Used in Banking? Data Science Training for Bankers

    How Is Data Science Used in Banking? Data Science Training for Bankers

    Categories: Data Science
    Banks are known as the earliest adopters of Information Technology due to the crisis that prevailed in the year 2008. Banks have assured the security and privacy of their customers at every cost with the help of Data Science. As the world is advancing, banks are getting more evolved and use the latest techniques to keep up with the competitive market. Data Science can help the banks in smart decision-making and enhanced performance by allocating all the resources proficiently.
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  6.   What is Machine learning and How to start my career in ML?

    What Is Machine Learning and How to Start My Career in ML?

    Categories: Data Science , Data analysis and visualization
    Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now and it has helped shape the foundation of the digital world. There have been various subsets of artificial intelligence such as machine learning that provides the systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience. What happens is that the systems intended for machine learning are given access to a cluster of complex data, it starts with making sense of the data, categorizing it, and then extracting insight out of it. Normally it would require a far-fetched number of people to do that and years on end as the ETA but machine learning can make it happen almost instantly in a matter of days or even weeks.
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  7. How to create an impactful big data resume?

    How to Create an Impactful Big Data Resume?

    Categories: Data Science , Big Data
    When it comes to showcasing the skills and overall knowledge that you have for a job, making a killer resume is the usual go-to approach. Because there is nothing like a great resume that is going to impress your employers and layout your first impression as a person before them. As you already know that the job market for Big data and other such certifications is booming right now that means that you would have to present your best in the resume that you send out to the employers.
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    Data Science Interview Question and Answers

    Categories: Data Science
    Data Scientists are the foundation of information-concentrated organizations. The motive of Data Scientists is to extricate, pre-process, and break down information. Through this, organizations can settle on better decisions. Different organizations have their necessities and use the information subsequently. The objective of the Data Scientist to cause organizations to evolve better. With the choices and bits of knowledge gave, the organizations can receive proper systems and arrange themselves for the improved client experience.
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