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Technology Comparison

  1.   MongoDB vs MYSQL: which is better

    MongoDB vs MYSQL: which is better

    Categories: Technology Comparison , Big Data
    There are various database-related solutions out there that have dominated the market, people are talking about different solutions that can fulfill their requirements not all of them are perfect but as long as these provide with a customized approach and get the work done for the people they are alright choosing whatever solution they can get their hands on. But for the sake of the argument; it is best to have your hands on the best of the best so that you get a consistent and market-tested product that will continue to support you for years to come.
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  2. Should I Learn Hadoop Or Python

    Should I Learn Hadoop Or Python

    Categories: Data Science , Technology Comparison
    The universe of software technology is a quick developing one. New technologies are continually rising in the scene. If you need to positively shape the field, at that point you have to keep the pace with the most recent improvements in the field. The competency of software engineer is estimated by his/her insight into the most trend setting technology. In this blog, today, we are discussing two of the technologies that everybody is obsessed with - Python and Hadoop.
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  3. Data Science vs. Machine Learning vs. AI

    Data Science vs. Machine Learning vs. AI

    Categories: Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Technology Comparison
    In the world of technology, data is considered as a ruler. These days, any small or big business increases their assets in terms of data. However, the current movement of providing determined visions of data in place of a facility to the outer domain initiated a money-making platform on behalf of the industries. It seems that it is very difficult for a layman. Few of the persons might get confused with the terms of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or even Machine Learning. In this blog, we are trying to provide all necessary information regarding those techs in the simple words, so that a lay-man will also easily figure out the differences among them.
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