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How to Launch Your Career in Power BI?

How to Launch Your Career in Power BI?

Power BI is an essential tool that has been shaping the future of business intelligence. Professionals who understand this tool and can explicitly work with it are in demand. But before you can have all the nitty-gritty details of becoming a BI expert, you must clear your mind and have a detailed understanding of why you want to pursue this path. There isn't anything more fulfilling and enticing about this field other than the scarcity of the professionals that exist in the market and this job title being in consistent demand?

There are some questions that you need to ask and get a clear answer to before you can begin with this particular path. The following are some of these questions and a detailed guide that will help you launch your career in Power BI:

Why Should You Want to Be a Power BI Developer?

Behind every action there lies an unfulfilled quest and the motivation to go behind it and the same is the case here. Power BI has been crowned as the most explicit and fulfilling BI tool within the tech industry. The demand is higher in the market for professionals who are experts in Power BI, and these professionals can also demand higher salaries as a result. The average salary for a BI professional is about $117k, and it is only expected to go higher. There are tons of jobs that are being listed continually on various hiring platforms, and this demand isn’t going to get diminished anytime soon.

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What Skills Are Require in Order to Become a BI Developer?

This is the next question you must ask yourself. Power BI is not as simple as it seems, as there are some prerequisites needed before you begin your journey of developing a career around it. The following are some of the required prerequisite skills to learn Power BI:

  • You must have a computer science or information system-related background in order to pursue Power BI, as a career and some work experience within the same field is required to pursue Power BI as a career
  • You also must have hands-on experience with data gateway, data presentation and warehousing related projects
  • Three year of experience working with a self-service tool such as Power BI or Tableau is required
  • JavaScript and knowledge of CSS and JavaScript libraries are also necessary
  • SQL knowledge is also essential

Roles and Responsibilities of a Power BI Expert

The education prerequisites, the required field and the skills required to become a Power BI professional have already been listed. The next thing to think about is about the roles and responsibilities of a Power BI expert:

  • Hands-on working with Power BI and the Power tool
  • Building the analysis services reporting models
  • Using the Power BI desktop, you must be able to develop highly efficient and UI focused dashboards and KPI scorecards
  • Connecting with data sources, filtering and cleaning data, and importation and transportation of the data is also something that you are going to be in charge of for the sake of business intelligence
  • Transformative thinking for converting data into the transformative visuals and reports
  • Having a deep understanding of the application security layer models in Power BI. Also, you must be able to implement row-level security on the data
  • Using advanced level calculations on the data sets
  • Developing the methodology and project documentation for presetting it to the board members and stakeholders
  • Understanding the explicit business requirements and developing the data models accordingly by taking care of the resources
  • You must have extensive knowledge and experience in prototyping, designing—for the requirement analysis
  • You must have a deep understanding and feel comfortable working with secondary tools such as Microsoft Azure, SQL, data warehouse, PolyBase and Visual Studio
  • Integration of the Power BI reports with other applications for running further analysis and tests while using the embedded analytics like the Power BI service (SaaS) or through the API automation
  • Developing the custom visuals for the Power BI

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Future and scope of the Power BI

There is a reason why Power BI stands out from the rest of the BI models and tools out there. That’s due to its easy integration and connectivity starting from spreadsheets, databases and even the big data oriented projects. On the other hand, you will be able to access warehouses and cloud applications and connect to various cloud databases to integrate with them. Additionally, you’ll have easier storage or extraction of the data that is used for business intelligence-related purposes. Power BI has the capability of connecting with any type of data that you can possibly think of, and it is just the beginning, as more functionality is being added to the platform regularly.

Power BI has a web data connector, and it is being used to pull the APIs directly from the web in order to connect with any desired data source. If you think about how revolutionary it is, then you will realize its importance. You might also think about pursuing Power BI as a career for yourself. Even in the most expansive and far-fetched of the Hadoop data sets, Power BI will help business users easily and quickly identify valuable data and start the process of extraction.

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