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  1. What Is DP-200 & DP 201? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview of Azure Security Certification Exam

    What Is DP-200 & DP-201? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview of Azure Data Certification Exam

    Categories: Data Science
    Cloud computing is used in business processes more than ever before, from computing and storage to advanced operations. Software development, Artificial Intelligence, and data science, customer-centric operations, and more automated IT processes are now in the cloud. Azure created by Microsoft to test, create, deploy, and manage Azure applications through Microsoft data centers and cloud services. Thanks to its diverse range of services and devices, it is now considered one of the fastest-growing data cloud services on the market.
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    Azure Data Engineer Interview Question and Answers

    Categories: Interview QAs
    A data engineer is one of the most sought after people in the tech industry and because data engineers can add value to the business this position is powerful and important in any tech association. The most notable work of data engineers is to convert the variety of data files format into the specific format which can be used by the data scientists. Data Engineers are specifically in command of managing pipelines, data workflows, and ETL methods. The data engineers are as valuable as the data scientist yet they seem to be less in the field, therefore they are in high demand with high salaries.
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  3. Role and Responsibilities of Azure Data Engineer

    Role and Responsibilities of Azure Data Engineer

    Categories: Data Science
    We are currently living in the 21st century where most of the things are operated by technology and driven by data. Millions of data are currently being produced in the whole wide world and this data is referred to as a superpower that helps an organization to move and spread forward. However, this data is extremely sensitive and a lot of fugitives and rogues have been trying to get their hands on this data for notorious purposes.
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  4. Protect your data in the Public Cloud by following these 6 Steps

    Protect Your Data in the Public Cloud by Following These 6 Steps

    Categories: Data Science , Cloud Computing

    Cloud storage has proven to be an essential service used by almost all businesses. Cloud storage is incredibly cheap and offers better performance than anything the businesses could management themselves. The one thing which makes people a bit concerned about using public cloud services is data security. Every business takes steps to ensure that its data is secure but when the data is stored on the cloud the business no longer has full control over it. While every cloud storage provider provides security guarantees, it is always a good idea to take any step you can to further enhance the security of your data. Here are 6 steps you can take to protect important business data.

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