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Artificial Intelligence

  1. AI Engineer Salaries From Around the World and What to Expect In 2021

    AI Engineer Salaries From Around the World and What to Expect In 2021

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven
    In the course of the most recent couple of years, the terminology of Artificial-Intelligence was only specified for the scientific groups as well as for the technology-related enthusiasts - who want to sound like a pro. However, as soon as it coined in 1955, it has increasingly getting fame. At that time, a person would not get any tech-related magazine where the term Artificial Intelligence is missed. Though it is such a fast-evolving industry, and there are a lot of individuals who have a very remarkable talent. As demand is on its peak, the earnings of Artificial Intelligence engineers are continuously increasing. Due to this reason, there are so many career chances available for experts, and their salaries are promptly going up. The main aspect of getting into such highly paid roles is to attain the relevant pieces of training along with a bunch of skills.
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  2. What are the top 5 tools for AI?

    What Are the Top 5 Tools for AI?

    Categories: Data Science , Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence is not a thing of the past anywhere, it is the future now and its applications have been in circulation and are being used constantly. It is shaping our automotive industry, the internet is a less complicated place and new developments are being carried out by the digital enterprises who rely heavily on the working of Artificial Intelligence. Many people around the world are using the applications of artificial intelligence at a constant rate but they get their version of AI pre-made or pre-ordered. Developers and creators need a more subtle approach that can help them with their on-going projects and create a lively medium which they can use to make their work a little bit easi
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  3. How Will AI Create More Jobs in 2025?

    How Will AI Create More Jobs in 2025?

    Categories: Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Data analysis and visualization
    Every new technology that has been procreated for the betterment of human society has gone through several rounds of debate. Similarly, the debate on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence has been going ever since its production and the potential threat it gives to the employed people. No matter if these are researchers, IT professionals, or just critical thinkers, everybody is analyzing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humanity and the entire world.
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  4. Difference between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and Deep Learning

    Difference between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and Deep Learning

    Categories: Data Science , Artificial Intelligence
    We are so encompassed with technology all around us that we practice it often without knowing its original meaning or why it is here in the first place. Developers, programmers, and internet technicians might have been using those technologies without ever knowing the original meaning that these carry. Deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science are the names of such technologies that are often too confused with each other that their original meaning is completely or partially lost.
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  5. Will AI Replace Data Analysis?

    Will AI Replace Data Analysis?

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Data analysis and visualization
    Today's world is data-driven and the technology is developing at a very fast pace, thus; there is a strong need to process and analyze the data as soon as somebody comes in contact with it in an organization. New tools and techniques must be used to deploy the plethora of information but at the same time, keeping all of the data secured and well-guarded. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are the two most important managers of data in this new era of the technological world.
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  6. AI vs. Big Data

    AI vs. Big Data; Everything You Need to Know

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Big Data
    Artificial intelligence is the concept of contextualizing human knowledge and replicating it in various systems and analogies. Artificial intelligence feeds on broad notions of data and information to extract meaningful insights, develop better technologies and mythologies, and adapt better-optimized processes to get things done. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to create such intricate digital systems that can work together and perform various complicated tasks quite smoothly. The concept and adaptability of artificial intelligence are incredibly vast, and its horizons fleeting. More will be discussed during its comparison with big data.  
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  7. How AI can improve data analysis?

    How AI can improve data analysis?

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Data analysis and visualization
    With the progression of random digital incorporations the data that we use continued to grow bigger and better thus reaching an absolute point where only advanced computing power could interpret or process it thoroughly. Thus began the dawn of AI or artificial intelligence. Today’s AI technology can help you not only categorize your data depending on the very functioning or insight that it might have but can also help greatly in performing accurate data analytics.
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  8. Data Science vs. Machine Learning vs. AI

    Data Science vs. Machine Learning vs. AI

    Categories: Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Technology Comparison
    In the world of technology, data is considered as a ruler. These days, any small or big business increases their assets in terms of data. However, the current movement of providing determined visions of data in place of a facility to the outer domain initiated a money-making platform on behalf of the industries. It seems that it is very difficult for a layman. Few of the persons might get confused with the terms of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or even Machine Learning. In this blog, we are trying to provide all necessary information regarding those techs in the simple words, so that a lay-man will also easily figure out the differences among them.
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